Who's Who

The Presbyterian Church on the Hill

Transitional Pastor

Rev. Julie Thompson

Director of Christian Education & Nurture


Director of Music & Organist

Dr. Jeffrey Unger

Sunday Nursery Supervisor

Bonnie Carle

Clerk of Session

Sharon Fix

Stephen Ministry Coordinators

Deanne Nirider &
Rick Degurski

Deacon Moderator

Robin Compoly

Property Manager


Administrative Assistant/Office Supervisor

Jackie Colin

Corporation President   Ralph Jensen
Corporation Vice President   Linda Klose
Corporation Treasurer   Michael Compoly
Corporation Secretary   Sharon Fix

Elders/Trustees Deacons

Maureen Bonney
Michael Compoly
Laura Evernham
Letitia Jensen
Ralph Jensen
Kurt Kaboth
Linda Klose
Del Kunert
Deanne Nirider
Anne Pagnoni
Mike Ryan
Chris Tobin


Shirley Carle
Robin Compoly
Elda Gall
Janet Lee
Pat Lee
Giselle McCormick
Connie Perry
Meghan Pringle
Wendy Robinson
Randy Stolze